Monday, November 28, 2011

Half the Sky

I just finished this book.  It's one every woman should read.  And probably every man too.  But DEFINITELY every woman.  It can be a tough read, not because it's written poorly but because the things women endure throughout our world are heart wrenching, sickening, wrong, and just plain sad.

I had to take it slowly, but this is just the kind of book I would have written had I lived another life where I traveled the world instead of giving birth.  It even ends with 2 pages of what you can do just like this blog!  That made me smile.

It's full of stories of individual women and the terrible experiences that have been forced upon them and how they've miraculously been able to rise above them.  It cover rape, trafficking, maternal mortality, infant mortality, abuse, and more.  It covers just about every problem women endure throughout the world.  And it tells stories of women who have come up with and implemented plans to help solve some of the world's most insolvable problems.  My favorite story was about a woman who became a world class fistula surgeon without ever attending a day of school.  If you have given birth and don't know what a fistula is, you should learn.  As soon as you know what it is, you will want to help.  Somehow.  Someway.  It's a tragic condition almost no one in America experiences but is found all over Africa.  Women with it are modern day lepers and outcasts.  We lament that our bodies are not the same after giving birth.  After learning what some women go through, it will be hard to ever complain again.

This book will make you grateful for what you have and spark the desire to want to do more for women who have not been so blessed.  You can buy it on amazon for about $10 or used for about $5.  It could be a great Christmas gift.


  • Read this book.
  • Share this book with others.
  • Donate a copy to your library.
  • Ponder how you in your circumstances might be uniquely positioned to help.
  • Consider picking a problem from the book to support somehow.  There are plenty of organizations listed in the back if you want to support one highlighted in the book too.

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